60, is the new 20!

--Smile your wrinkles away--

Our passion is to serve & provide a dignified life with the best-in-class amenities for a comfortable & stress free living all in one place- Manasum! Discover those child-like pleasures, carefree safe life with your peers yet live a life of Dignity following and sharing your passion. Manasum is the community where the heart lives!

what does customer experience with

Take a virtual walk through a barrier-free home to see how our thoughtful features add up to a safe and secure life.

Why Manasum?

Age friendly design

Support bars across the home, Anti-skid tiles, Courtyard are just a few age friendly features.

Active life

Walking tracks, swimming pool, Yoga centre, all of these and more to keep the mind, body and soul active.

24/7 support

Ring that bell near your couch at hand level & be rest assured that you will be served all the year!

Hassel-free living

Worry not of that burnt bulb, worry not of opening your house door, worry not of the food served, worry not of the air you breathe, when there isn't anything to worry, Why worry?

Like-minded, peer group

Live with the people who have the exact same aches as you do, the same broken teeth and dentures as yours, the same spectacles as yours, Birds of the same[senior by age] feather flock together!

World Class Amenities

Experience world class amenities with Manasum Avighna!

Manasum - Here's why a retirement home is a great way to live!

Travel services and shuttle services, laundry services business centre, centralized Wi-Fi connection, payment and bank services, huge common activity area , SOS Tags for the senior citizens.

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